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Italy Day 4: The psychology of travel, from Venice to Rome

The side of Trevi fontain is the only clear place for a photo.
It’s a travel day and we all wake up grumpy.   We clean out our room, but we always leave something behind.  (I leave my shaver, groan.)  Our train leaves Venice station for Rome at 10am and we have to haul the luggage by hand up and down the canals to the terminal.

Living as a family on the road is completely different than at home.  We are so much closer and the family time is absolutely precious.  There are, of course, tons of exciting events on the journey, but we also don’t have any of the routine or comforts that makes home-life so easy.

The girls are growing up, right in front of us.  We see differences even since our trip to Mexico a few months ago.   On the one hand, they are much less whiny and difficult with each other.  But on the other, they are a lot louder, more rambunctious and screechy.  We have to tell them to ‘settle down’ a lot, which they do for about 30 seconds until they giggle uncontrollably with rising volume.

A trip to the toy store while mama gets a spa treatment.
At times it’s rough on parents too.  We have to share a tiny amount of space and never get a moment alone (something Trish especially values.)  After 3 days of rainy travel in Venice, we were all showing the early signs of strain.

The solution?  We need to mix it up.  As we roll the suitcases up to our hotel in Rome, the classy and functional Daphne B&B, I spot a good looking Spa and a toy shop.   Bingo!   Instead of trudging back out for sightseeing, I set Trish up with a bamboo body scrub and a Lomi-thai massage for the next few hours.   Needless to say, she doesn’t question the change in plans.  Off she goes to the spa…

We hit the only must-see event in Rome:  The Time-Elevator!
While she’s getting pampered, I take the girls to the toy store, where they find the (still?) scarce Zhu Zhu pets for about $20 each.  The girls squeal with delight at the purchase and we head south past the over-packed  Trevi fountain to the Time-Machine: Rome.  We did the time machine in Jerusalem, and it’s corny, cheesy and a total kid pleaser.   They love it.

The little break works perfectly.  We reconvene around 8pm and eat a great meal at a local family osteria called Sora Lucia.  I again had amazing Spaghetti con Vongole, and the desserts were good.  I dream about those tasty little Mediterranean clams as I sleep hard.   Tomorrow is a long full day touring the capital of Italy.

Dinner at a small family restaurant:  Sora Lucia

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