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Italy Day 5 Gallery

End of the Day at Trevi Fountain.
Gawd, so many pics from today.  It was hard to edit it under 60.  Trish was, again, masterful with the camera.  She takes photo’s so quickly and seamlessly.  There’s very little posing or long photo sessions, which is essential when you are moving hard through Rome with two kids.

One thought on “Italy Day 5 Gallery

  1. Mom and Dad P.

    Wow! Are we ever impressed by your travels, enjoying them vicariously
    through your wonder- filled blog!
    Venice brought back accurate memories from your pictures, and we think Rome is a must now!
    We sure hope you find lodging tonight after your escapades in Rome today.
    Happy Easter, and when we see Aunt Betty tomorrow, we will tell her about the prayer candle that Emma and Lily lit for her in that church in Rome.
    We love you!
    Grammie and Papa, mom and dad

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