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Italy Trip Itinerary and Review: Were we in Italy for Easter week or Holy Week?

The weather provides dramatic backdrop to the Amalfi coast.
Our Italy trip is done.  It was a perfect example of old-school, fast travel.  We got in and out, packed every day with stuff, and enjoyed a robust adventure.  It was classic travel but we had a touch of the exotic too.

It seems, however, that I failed to understand the difference between Easter week and Holy week.  Throughout the blog, I mixed the two up.  This was pointed out to me, with a detailed explanation by our dear friend Mr. Sutherland:

To avoid consternation among your Christian readers and ameliorate confusion among the infidel, I point out a few phrasings you may want to clarify in the log. In Western Christianity, the week before Easter is regularly named Holy Week, La Settimana Santa as you found in Rome. In Eastern (Orthodox) Christianity, it is called Great Week, Megale Hebdomas in Greek and something similar I imagine in Russian. So far as I know, it is never referred to as Easter Week.

In English-language countries and specifically the U.S., if the term Easter Week appears at all, it always means the week following Easter Sunday. And, peculiar to English-speaking cultures, Friday in Holy Week is uniformly called Good Friday, rather than Holy Friday, Venerdi Santo in Rome and its variants found on the continent; or Great Friday the orthodox preference, both Greek and Russian and one supposes the language groups in their spheres of influence.

In no event is it ever called Easter Friday, though I recognize in your Day 5 Log, you mean it as the Friday part of the Easter weekend. As for Easter Monday, La Pasquetta, that day is celebrated broadly (but not in the U.S.) as a public holiday in countries with Christian traditions, Western or Eastern – as you found in your rainy day in Amalfi. And as we discovered in Sydney many years ago.


You arrived in Italy and were first in Rome during Holy Week
You visited the Coliseum on Good Friday
Easter Monday in Amalfi it rained
Later in Easter Week you visited the Vatican

I blame protestantism for my mistake.  The catholics would never have let make these mistakes.  They also would have taught me the value of proper punctuation, spelling and grammar errors.  (I am, however, free of guilt  – a worthy trade, imo)

Here is the rundown from Italy.

Day One:  Venice – Travel from Washington D.C. to Venice, Italy

Day Two:  Venice – Wandering Venice   Photo gallery

Day Three: Venice – Glass blowing and gondolas and Photo gallery

Day Four: Rome – Travel from Venice to Rome and Photo Gallery

Day Five: Rome – Colosseum and Palatine and Photo gallery

Day Six: Amalfi – Travel to the Amalfi Coast and Photo Gallery

Day Seven: Amalfi – Sentiaro Deigli Dei and Photo Gallery

Day Eight: Amalfi – The City of Amalfi and Photo Gallery

Day Nine and Ten: Rome – The Vatican then home and Photo Gallery

One thought on “Italy Trip Itinerary and Review: Were we in Italy for Easter week or Holy Week?

  1. Mom and Dad P.

    Dear David,
    Billy is 100% correct!
    And, you can rightfully blame Protestantism for its sloppy interpretations
    which befell you in your upbringing, your mother having rejected
    Catholicism writ large before you were born, despite the draw that remains for so many of us “ex cathedra ” Catholics/Christians!