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Tinkerhell’s breast cancer returns.

Tink looks a lot happier since she quit her job last fall!
If you haven’t read our about section yet, give it a read. Trish and I have always been avid travelers, but the commitment to bring the family across the globe arose after her first bout with breast cancer, in 2004. I talk about it a little more at the end of our epic Middle East trip.

Back then, she had a small lump of a virulent cancer that was quickly removed. She did the most aggressive therapy, and was cancer-free for over 5 years until now. But, last week a mammogram found a 2.5 cm lump and it’s already in one lymph node.

I am grateful that Trish continued the regular check-ups and mammograms, because this one grew very fast into stage two. From the scared look on one Doctor’s face, we honestly thought it might be stage three or four. We have reason to be optimistic. Still, words can’t adequately express the fear and hopelessness that envelop every waking moment.

We don’t have an exact treatment plan yet. The diagnosis, by her skilled surgeon, Dr. Katherine Alley, was based off a mamogram. The biopsy was Friday, and we will find out more on Monday. But it’s pretty clear that Trish will have a mastectomy, reconstruction, radiation and harsh chemotherapy. The only choices will be in the details.

We have a lot of things going for us. We have a good health care plan. Trish has few work committments now, so she can focus everything on recovery. My job is very sympathetic and will let me take care of her. She’s in the best mental and physical shape of her life, which will help her stay strong against the chemo.

And Trish is strong. She survived salmonella poisoning as a baby, escaped a near-death car accident, walked for a week on a broken back, wrapped herself around a tree skiing, ran out of scuba-air 80 ft under the sea, had an emergency C-section with Emma, a painful VBAC with lily, needed abdominal re-constructive surgery to fix the whole mess, and toughed out the breast cancer.

She will beat this one, just like she beat everything else.  She defies the laws of the universe.

Pink care packages for the girls.

We broke it to the girls, and they are naturally upset. We talked about the science of cancerous cells, the treatment, and what pink means. It was very hard to stay strong and confident for them. I put together a bag of pink stuff to help lighten the mood.

XML File doesn't existThere is a silver lining in this horror. The outpouring of love from friends has been overwhelming, inspiring and humbling. Trish’s close girlfriends came right to her aid. She immediately reconciled an old friendship that had ended angrily. And in an amazing event, hundreds of our fellow online gamers held a virtual rally in support. (It was called PinkforTink, because her online avatar is named Tinkerhell. More on this later. The photo is of the Badlands server community of Warhammer Online.)

Trish (Tink!) you are loved so deeply and dearly, by so many people. We adore how you defy convention, confront your fears, and infect us all with your contagious Joie de vivre. Your star shines so brightly, and we all know you’ll make it through this like you have everything else.




Here is a short video of my favorite pics of Trish. It was made for our gamer friends, to whom we are known as Tink and Mort. (For best results, double-click on it when it starts to play for full screen)

10 thoughts on “Tinkerhell’s breast cancer returns.

  1. Rebecca Davis

    Trish and David – I am so sorry to hear this news. trish it was so great to see you at southby… I loved your advice about going to things I knew nothing about! Very Trish and very valuable. Sending lots of prayers and energy your way now and in the coming days. Rebecca

  2. Bev

    F**king Cancer! Don’t f**k with our Trisha, you f**king bastard! Hang in there, Trisha! We love you!

  3. LaTonya Middleton

    Trish, I had no idea and will pray for you and the family. I do miss my little ladies and I want you to know you can call on me if you need.

  4. Marion

    Oh Yeah, Trisha is strong.. this cancer picked the WRONG WOMAN to mess with. Go Trisha! AND Creekmore’s STAY STRONG!

  5. Patrice and Dave Warrender

    Dear Trish and David and girls,

    Remember there are a lot of us out here who love you and we’re holding you all in our hearts and our prayers. Trish, you can beat this. We’ll all be with you every step of the way.

    Patrice and Dave

  6. Aviva

    Trish: I am thinking of you, rooting for you—and blubbering like a yiddishe bubbe about all the love gushing from your friends and family. You couldn’t ask for a better support network (go Dave!)! Sending lots of love and healing energy your way. Let me know if you’re feeling up for a visit sometime soon. I would love to see you! BIG HUGS AND SMOOCHES. Viv

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