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Week #9: Why the Leading Breast Cancer for Husbands Book is Wrong. (And this post has boobs!)

Great balls of fire.  (Oh come on, what else was I going to say?)
It’s Monday, June 29th and chemo week again. Monday of chemo week is bittersweet. She feels great, because it’s been 3 weeks from the previous treatment. But we both know that tomorrow, Tuesday, her life turns to hell again.

On this Monday, Trish and I crawl along the beltway in rush hour traffic to a non-descript office park in Fairfax. Normally, this would be considered a punishment, but today we enjoy something special:  a visit to the development studio of our favorite game, Warhammer Online.

Pink for Tink Redux

The faces of Warhammer Online
Trish and I are gamers, or more accurately, we have one game that we play a lot.  The game is great, but it’s really the community of people we play with that keeps us coming back every night.

One of the amazing things about modern gaming is the variety of people you get to know.  Our intimate friends include a pair of charming young, musician-twins from Missouri, a decorated Afghanistan-war veteran (and soon-to-be-dad); a hot, nerdtastic, accountant-chick from Long Island and a cheese-factory manager from Amsterdam.   Sure, there are the hormone-raging boys too.  (They provide comic relief for the rest of us.).

So many PinkforTinks
But the game has thousands of people, most of whom we do not know.   So we were flabbergasted in April, when huge numbers of this virtual community came together in support of Trish, holding an online rally on her behalf, and sending hundreds of well-wishes and notes of support.

It was a touching and unusual event that even got some press because online gamers don’t often do this sort of thing.

Obviously, Trish, known as Tink or Tinkerhell, was not the only reason the community came together.   She is a symbol for breast cancer, and cancer in general.   And their support of her is proof of the pervasiveness of (breast) cancer, even to a very young demographic.

Warhammer’s game developers make a statement about breast cancer.

The original pink dye wasn't exactly Pink.  (But Sorgul looks great in lavender anyway!)
The developers of Warhammer online, Mythic studios, were in the middle of a huge (awesome) upgrade to the game when the Pink for Tink events happened.  But shortly thereafter, they made their own contribution by placing characters in the game from whom special pink dye can be purchased.

The game allows you to customize your characters clothes and armor with different color dye.  During the Pink for Tink event, everyone tried to dye their armor pink,  but there wasn’t a good pink dye avaliable. We were all just light red or lavender.

The dye vendor for Tinkerhell
The Mythic team added a real pink dye, bought from characters named ‘Alda Tinkengruber’  and ‘Grobik Bigtink’ in support of Trish.  Here is their announcement.

It was a very sweet gesture.  Like so many others, Mythic employees had their own personal sadness around breast cancer.  One of their staff, a very young designer, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

A visit to Mythic Studios

The squig was made for Mythic by a German guild.
As we pull up to the office park, I give Andy Belford a call to let us know we’ve arrived. Two weeks ago, he invited Trish and I for lunch with the development team at their offices in Fairfax.   He is one of the managers at Mythic, had read this blog and wanted to add one of Trish’s 101 surprises.

I tried to make it a surprise, but in the end, I couldn’t keep it a secret because of scheduling.  Nonetheless,  judging from her excited chatter as we pull into the parking lot, I don’t think she’s any less enthusiastic knowing where I am taking her..

We get autographed Collector's editions.  Nerdgasmic!
The inside of the studio is covered with images and fun stuff from the game.   Andy shows us around, gives us some cool schwag, and introduces us to the development team.  It’s a small group.

I’m amazed they can support an online game with tens (hundreds?) of thousands of users with such a small crew.  They work ghastly hours and aren’t paid a ton.   Trish and I really appreciate their dedication to a game and community that’s like a second home to us.

Boobographs from Andy and carrie at Mythic!  FU Cancer!
Lunch is a blast.  We swap stories about the game, and chat about nerdy things.  Afterward, the team signs collectors editions of the game for us, and Trish gets her boob hilariously signed by Carrie and Andy.  It’s a great way to end the second chemotherapy round, and she’s ready for round three the following day.

Continued, so read on!

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  1. Dave

    Love this blog, as I have said before. I started reading this when Trish was diagnosed, but when she is fully recovered I hope you will continue blogging as you are excellent at it. Great read and you guys are awesome. :)

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