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Letter to kids from Kabul

Kabul is mostly cloudy, but the sun comes out for a few minutes and shows the mountains.


Hi my girls!  I miss you so much.

I arrived in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan on Friday morning.   My trip began with a 12 hour flight, which is the longest plane flight I’ve ever taken.   Then I had an 8 hour wait at the Dubai airport, before my 3- hour plane to Kabul left.  That’s almost 24 hours of straight travel!

Dubai airport
The Dubai airport is new and glittery and looks like a mall.  Dubai is a small but very rich country on the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf.  It’s is famous for trying to make everything really, really big.  They have the largest mall, amusement park, aquarium and candy store!   And even though Dubai is in the desert, they built an indoor ski slope with real snow.   Someday we’ll go there.

World's largest Candy store:  Dubai

After waiting in Dubai airport for a long time, I flew to Kabul at 3am in the morning.  Kabul is a city surrounded by mountains.  When I got off the plane there was a beautiful sunrise behind snow-capped peaks.  I wish I had taken a photo because it was georgous.
The streets are flooded with snow and slush.
But Kabul is not a pretty city.   Most of the streets are super muddy and dirty with lots of holes that make it difficult to drive a car or even walk.  There are a lot of broken buildings.  The residents of the city burn wood for heat, so the air is very smoky.
Houses are built up the side of the mountains.
One of the sad parts about Afghanistan is that it has been at war for a long time.  Iran, England, Russia, China, and recently the Americans have tried to occupy Afghanistan with their armies.   The Americans are here trying to help the people of Afghanistan control their own country, but it’s a very hard job and a lot of people have died in the fighting.
Early morning in Kabul
Most of the fighting happens outside Kabul, but the city is still filled with army vehicles and police.  Everywhere you go, even at restaurants, men search your bags and body for guns or weapons.  And they ask me to show my passport a lot.  Don’t worry, I will be very safe while I’m here.
A father and his son clearing the sidewalk in front of their store of snow.
As I write this, it’s snowing very heavily outside and it’s cold, about 25 F.  They have blackouts a lot, like the one we had at our house a few weeks ago in the thundersnow. Even when there is electricity, there isn’t much heat, so we wear our winter coats inside.
The Afghan people are amazing.  They are very good at living in difficult conditions, and have a lot of spirit.  They like to start small businesses and shops, and are great at solving problems.  Here is a picture of a young boy, about 10, helping his dad shovel the snow in front of their small store.  They don’t have big malls or stores like Target, only lots of very small ones like this dress shop.
A dress shop upstairs.

Afghan food is good.  Lily would like the beef with lentils that they served for lunch at the office yesterday.  And they make good flat bread, which Emma always likes.
Emma, I’m incredibly proud of you for applying to Eastern, but I think Takoma Park Middle School is going to be perfect for you.  Lily, I hope you are having happier days at school now.
I love you both, and I’ll write you from Thailand next week.

Love, Dad

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  1. Wendee Holtcamp

    I’m just curious why you went to Afghanistan and Thailand? I may have missed it but I didnt see it in the post. Just for a get away? Or work?

    Anyway thanks for the photos and updates. :)

    Hugs to Trish!

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