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2007 Europe and Ukraine

This was our first trip, after Trish’s 2005 cancer, and a test of our willingness. Sadly it was unblogged, but many of the elements of future trips were created here. (Kids: Lily 3, Emma 6)

  • England was easy but we stayed in a medieval castle for two nights.
  • France delivered the spooky catacombs of Paris and trasky Euro-Disney
  • Ukraine had the warmest people and the cold ‘beach’ of the Volga river.


2009 Middle East trip

The trip that birthed the blog. What started as quick notes and a few photos quickly expanded as our adventures grew more interesting and complicated.

  • Complete 2009 Middle East itinerary
  • Israel, particularly Jerusalem, is the busiest intersection in history with a real buzz.
  • Palestine, propped up with foreign assistance money has Bethlehem and fashionable Ramallah.
  • Morocco is a country with dozens of personalities, trying to be everything to everyone.
  • Jordan was our favorite for kids and Petra is truly worth the trip.
  • Egypt is a land of contrast, dark-light, history-present ,wealth and poverty, water and desert, fun and hassle


2009 Mexico

2010 Italy

2010 Cancerpalooza

2011 Peru

  • Complete Peru itinerary
  • Peru: A classic trip, from amazon basin to the desert Pacific coast and high into the mountains of the Inca – all in 11 days.

2011 Asia

  • Complete Asia itinerary
  • China: One of the globes ultimate travel destinations, China attacks your senses and rewards patience.
  • Thailand: Thailand began doing exotic/adventure travel decades ago, but much looks dated. It’s trying to rebuild.
  • Cambodia: The warm and charming destination in SE asia. Angkor Wat is the ultimate destination in many ways.

2012 Costa Rica

2012 Africa

  • Africa Itinerary
  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania

2013 Islands of the North Atlantic

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Iceland

2013 Spain

  • Spain

2014 Japan

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