A letter to my dead wife

2005 at BCDC

Dear Trish,

I just miss you.

I don’t have much else to say.

If you want to stop reading now, please know only that I miss you.  (I know down deep you think all this  grieving is emo and tedious.)

My girls!  We're pretty exhausted by this time.

Emma and Lily, Indonesia 2015

When I listen to a new band or see a new country or hear a new joke , I want you to be there to experience it.

And to see the girls, I always want you to see your girls.

No, it doesn’t matter anymore that I’m devastated that you’re gone.  I can bear that.  I just want you to feel it and experience more life – see things change. You deserved that. And you didn’t get it.

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Indonesia Day 16: The largest temple, Borobudur and Ramayana, an epic poem

Classic view of Borobrodur bells in morning mist

Classic view of Borobrodur bells in morning mist

Speedboats, ultra-light aircraft, alpine slide, trek by camel, elephant and horse, caves, mountains and deserts: we have a lot of adventure stories to tell. But inevitably, the ones that top our list are the ancient civilizations we explore. (We’re American, of course we have a ‘Top-10′ list.  And some day I’ll post it)

The oldest surviving stuff in Indonesia is generally on Java, it’s main island. In planning the trip I had to decide whether or not to make the somewhat expensive trip to Java and add yet another island and another set of flights (We did six islands total including Java) to the itinerary. Yogyakarta (JOG-ja-karta) seemed worth the trip.

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Indonesia Day 15 – Deep underground Java: the caves of Jomblang

Dorky family.We are in Bali. You’d think that was great, but it’s not.  It’s 4am and it’s not where we want to be after our Komodo adventure.  All inter-island flights go through Jakarta or Bali and one ends up here frequently.  In fact, we barely made it out of the airport, opting for a hotel right at the fenced edge of the airfield in a dingy area.  It’s $40 a night and clean, so we can’t complain too hard.

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Indonesia Day 14: Komodo Dragon Safari with family

Early morning speedboat ride - headed to Komodo!

Early morning speedboat ride – headed to Komodo!

It feels weird to be in the speedboat without our scuba gear. Sadly, our Komodo diving is done. Amanda and I did 13 dives over four days, Emma and Lily a few less. We miss it already.

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Indonesia Day 11-13 – Komodo Diving: The Wunderpus is not a porn movie.

A wall of bat fish.The last three days we have been diving on the Wunderpus (which is a rare octopus – get your head out of the gutter,) and they have been among the best days we’ve ever spent anywhere doing anything. I didn’t even blog.  I just turned everything off and dove.

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