New York Times documentary video on the Creekmores! How travel helped us cope with the death of our wife and mother.


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If you came here because you saw the amazing video on the New York Times site, welcome.   This site is a travel blog that charts our many trips to fantastic international (and a few domestic) destinations.   Inside, you can find our (more or less) complete list of trips.

Our travel blogs are done in real time, with only a few exceptions.  I post every day we are on the road, and there are always pictures. If you have been following our journey all along you already know this.  Thank you for the love and support you’ve shown us.

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Don’t rest in peace! Our beloved young mom, daughter, sister, wife, and friend dies to cancer.

Trish's last view of the outside.

Trish’s last view of the outside. Lily playing on our deck.

After the trapeze day,  Trish slept for three days straight. Her body is giving out. Our amazing nurse, Sheila, told us this is what the end is like. Sheila’s words ring through my head as I hold my coffee and watch over Trish: “A day she gets out of bed and talks, is not a day she will die’

Trish stirs but is groggy and just wants more pain killers from the automatic pump. I press the Dilaudid button a few times knowing that each press of the button means she is closer to death.  (This post, two years after her death, is constructed from notes and drafts.  I wasn’t able to write about this for a long, long time. It completes the story of our journey with Trish and the cancer that took her.)

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2014 Japan Itinerary

kinkaku-jiJapan is unlike anything else we’ve seen.  It’s as foreign as the deepest jungle of Peru, or desert of Egypt, but it’s strangely familiar because it’s the most obsessively developed country on the planet.  Add to that a centuries old culture of intensity and specificity and tradition and you get an amazing adventure.

Was it expensive?  Not really.  Sure, hotels are expensive because space is a premium, but everything else seemed European in price, or even cheaper.  We traveled very comfortably.

We’d go back for sure, if only to get to the mountains to the West, and snow up north.  Japan has so much to explore.

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Japan Day 10 and 11: A fantasy bamboo forest and our favorite shrine

Japan Day 10 KyotoThis is a photo update post written months after our final day in Kyoto Japan.  Like many of our last days on vacation, I couldn’t get the writing done to post the blog live.

But it was one of our favorite days though with the Sanjusangendo shrine, and the bamboo forest at Arashiyama.

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Japan Day 9: The shrines of Kyoto

JapanDay9 (21 of 22)It’s time to switch gears from modern, pop Tokyo to ancient, spiritual Kyoto. Kyoto was Japan’s capital until the end of the shogun feudal period when the Emperor consolidated power and moved to Tokyo in 1869. It remains the biggest tourist attraction in Japan even more so during Cherry blossom season, which lasts for several weeks in spring. We’ve come too late for the peak, but there are the late blooming cherry’s and TONS of dogwoods.

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