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Budget trip to Italy

We had a choice today: ‘push the button’ or ‘loose those tickets’.  We pushed the button.

And now we are going to Italy for SPRING BREAK!  It’s unclear what kind of work commitments Trish will have at that point, but, um, whatever right? It’ll work out.

This is a budget trip (cue scary music).

The family will be backpacking, staying at mid-range hotels and using rail passes. (I’m psyched to buy backpacking gear for the girls. REI has some cute kid backpacks.)

The key will be finding hotels that can accommodate four people without a second room.  Not including the air tickets or dog sitting, I think we can do this 9 day trip for $4,800.  (Hotel $2,000, (8 nights x $250), rail passes $800,  10 days food $1,500, misc $500)     Even ‘budget’ travel is expensive for four.

We hope to see Rome, Florence, Venice and Pompeii although that may be too much for 9 days.   We’ve done some pretty aggressive itineraries before and Italy is a breeze to navigate. I’m not ruling anything out yet.

Ordering Lonely Planet: Italy in 3..2..1..