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Camping and thrill rides next weekend

One of our post-Middle-East-trip pledges is to do more local travel.  Cheaply, if we can.  The Billygoat trail hike in August was awesome and it reminded us how much we like camping.  We have a shed of hiking and car camping gear, but we never do it.  I have gear in original boxes.  It’s inexplicable, really.

So we are getting our act together this weekend and going camping.  Weather permitting of course.  On Saturday we’ll spend the day outside Richmond at  Kings Dominion for some sugar-fueled, theme-park rides.  Kings Dominion has a campground, but it looks skanky.  We’ll stay about an hour away at Lake Anna State Park.  State Parks are a crap shoot but if it’s unacceptable, we can hit a motel on I-95.

The kids got new sleeping bags from REI this weekend.  They are nothing special, just $50 kid bags.  The ‘Dora the Explorer’ bags from Target have outlasted their form and function long ago.  I did a gear check today.  The gas stove and lantern work.   Here’s the  car camping list I used.

We should be good to go.

If only this coaster were ready!  (85 degree, 305 foot drop. ready in 2010)

2 thoughts on “Camping and thrill rides next weekend

  1. Sal Alvarez

    We were at King’s Dominion on the 5th & were just mesmerized w/the model they had of the intimidator! Can’t wait to check it out next year!

  2. Trisha Creekmore

    Hey Sal, it was your memorial day jaunt that got me thinking, “Hey, we need to get to King’s Dominion this year.” Thanks for the inspiration!