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Italy on Easter? What was I thinking…

We’ll be in Italy through the holy week and Easter.  We aren’t religious at all, so when booking the ticket, the only holiday I was concerned with was the one called ‘Spring Break’.   But there we will be – in Italy on it’s holiest of days.

Which raises a dilemma.  Should we try to ‘see’ or experience some of the madness?  Is it worth saying we were on St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday?  Even if we do it, we wouldn’t stay long, that’s for sure.  Getting in and out could be a nightmare, and I don’t like nightmares.  Plus, Rome will be swamped that weekend and hotels will be VERY expensive.

I didn’t go to the Obama inauguration (good call).

I’ve never been to the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving (good call).

I’ve never been to Times Square on New year’s Eve (good call).

Did you catch that pattern?   I don’t really like crowds.  They seem so much better in pictures than they are in real life.   So I’m leaning against doing it.

But, still, it would make a good story.  And the point of travel is to experience this kind of stuff, right?


2 thoughts on “Italy on Easter? What was I thinking…

  1. Paula

    Hi there! Thank you for sharing your adventures here. I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. I came upon your blog looking for tips on whether it would be foolish to spend the week before Easter in Italy/Rome, as the ideal dates for our 2015 trip fall in that timeframe. Did you find it to be unreasonably inconvenient? I apologize if you wrote that somewhere, I couldn’t find your conclusion afterwards. :)

  2. David Post author

    Hi thank you, and yes since we blog daily it’s sometimes hard to find the final review. Rome was quite busy, but not un-navigable. I imagine some summer weeks are even worse for crowds and we found the weather to be pleasant though a bit rainy. You won’t find any hotel deals though, that’s for sure.