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Party in the USA!


We’re in between trips and life feels a little slow. It’s too cold to go camping and work keeps us tethered to the house.

How does a restless family blow off some steam? At a rock show of course! We splurged on tickets for glam-rock gods KISS and tween favorite Miley Cyrus, both at the downtown Washington DC Verizon center.

Gene Simmons gives the Creekmores a big screen scare.

America, love it or hate it, manufactures rock arena events like no other country on earth. The shows have fireworks, stunts, flying band members and elaborate sets – all just a metro ride away. The Obama girls were there too! Here is us doing Hoedown Throwdown for fellow metro riders and at the concert.

Sure, neither KISS nor Miley have soul. Don’t go looking for tortured artists here. But that doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. Miley performs while sick, but manages to keep the energy high. The crowd appreciates it.

Both shows feature prominent advertising. Miley even showed a trailer for her new movie in the middle of her set. lol. But this isn’t art, it’s spectacle. And we love it.


The girls at Miley Cyrus screamed like girls. The adults at KISS screamed like girls. Our youngest Lily said breathlessly before the show “This is the night I’ve been waiting for my whole life.” Exactly, Lily. Exactly.

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