It's a creekmore world

An amazing Chinese exhibit in Washington D.C., but the summer trip to Asia is cancelled.

I work a block from the headquarters of National Geographic in Washington D.C. so there was no excuse to miss getting our area’s hottest ticket:  the Terracotta Warrior exhibit.

Today was our day, and it didn’t dissapoint.   We bought extra tickets, knowing there would be plenty of friends that would jump on a chance to do something President’s day morning.

The warriors are from Xian, an ancient capital of China.  Over 6,000 life-size clay figures were built for the glory of a fierce emporer.   It’s a well done display.  The kids really liked the audio-tours and listened to all 15 stations in entirety.  

Xian was on our list of places to go this summer on a month-long Asia trip.  But sadly it’s cancelled for a variety of logistical reasons. I walked through the exhibit with a touch of remorse.

We will get to China someday…