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About the Creekmores began as a travel blog for exotic family adventures. In 2004, Trish was diagnosed with a dangerous breast cancer – triple negative. The real possibility of death made us rethink our lives, and together we committed to travel more if she survived. The girls were still babies then. In her chemo haze, Trish fantasized about taking a year off to travel the globe with them. It gave her the strength to continue the ghastly treatments.

Matinee at Cirque du Soleil - Ovo

When the kids got old enough to handle adventure travel, we set a goal to spend a year abroad. But rather than take a whole year off, we began doing a series of month-long trips. The kids love their school and we enjoy our careers, which fortunately permit us to travel quite a bit.

Almost half a year of travel took us far and wide on hundreds of adventures, all of which were live blogged and posted from the road, technology permitting.


But 2010 saw the cancer return again, before finally going metastatic in 2012.  Those were difficult times for any young family, and we found ways to fight the doom and gloom.  I blogged much of the struggle here, alongside our adventure travel.

Growing cancer didn’t stop us from going to Costa Rica, or Africa in the meantime.  But it finally took her in October of 2012.  She died stoically, and in peace that she had lived her life to the fullest.superfriends-1

We’ve completed 38 weeks of our original goal.  Trish won’t be going with us except in spirit, but the girls and I will continue to do what we can to see the world and quest for adventure.  The New York Times captured this so perfectly in a short documentary they filmed of the three of us.

IFirst family photo of the trip!n 2015, we started new adventures, joined by a loving step-mom and wife, Amanda.  Amanda had traveled with us to Spain once, but our first big trips with her were Turkey and Indonesia.  Amanda, naturally, had her own history of adventure travel that included most of South America and big parts of Europe and Central America.

Adventure travel has become not just a way to grieve and remember, but to blend and make new memories with our short time on earth.

Thanks for following us.

A little background
We are David, age 47; Amanda, age 38, Lily, age 13  and Emma, age 15.  Washington D.C. is our home.  We are avid scuba divers, circus artists, video game players and fans of heavy metal.

Napali Coast Park Hawaii 2015

Napali Coast Park Hawaii 2015

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29 thoughts on “About the Creekmores

  1. Wendee Holtcamp

    Hey Trish! (and David and kiddos!) I found your site because of a link Jennifer Viegas put on her FB site – how cool! Love the family pic. I didn’t know you were from the Bay Area. Are you a 49ers fan? :) I love traveling too!!!

  2. Patty Cogen--cousin!

    DEAR Trish and David,
    It is so great to see your website and learn about your travels. My family visited the cave in Yucatan when it was first opened up by National Geographic. I was twelve and my brother, David, was eight when we traveled to Yucatan and explored with our parents. The cave was just opened and we went there. Coming back from the grotto, all the lights suddenly went out. David was several yards ahead of the group and I felt my way through the dark to him. We sat down on the damp floor and waited.
    Eventually a runner with a flashlight came down from the entrance and told us that some artifact had gone missing and they had turned out the light to (hopefully) catch the thief. But they never recovered anything or accused anyone. Strange and creepy! But a great memory to share.

    I hope to be in Baltimore teaching a small class sometime in the spring—it’s very uncertain, but if I am coming, I’ll contact you.

    Love and hugs from your cousin in Seattle,

  3. Brittany

    Hi Trisha & David,

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    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


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  5. christian

    fantastic website,i think you’re doing a good thing with everything that has gone on in your life.i wish i had the chance to have done a website like this for my 10 years of backpacking,and recording my best memories as you have done…kep up the good work!chris!

  6. Minh

    Hi Trisha & David – Can across your blog while I was researching Peru on TA. Your familiy’s story/adventures are inspirational. I wish you the best of luck and many more happy travels!

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  8. Brooke

    I love your photos of the rice fields in China. May I print a couple to show the children in my Chinese culture class? We don’t have a computer so I can’t show them that way.

    Thank you,


  9. Jenny


    I was looking at the photos on your photoblog and they are wonderful. Can you tell me 1) Who’s the genius, and 2) what’s the camera! (Oh and any tips much appreciated!!!


    P.S. Enjoy Costa Rica – I went last year and was probably one of the most ubelievable vacations ever!

  10. David Post author

    Oh gosh, thanks so much. I took most of those, although Trisha would take them too if I would let her hold the camera.

    I love my camera for travel, it’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX-5. The wide angle, fast lens is amazing for everything except telephoto and it fits in a jacket pocket easily. It’s not good for animal shots unless you are REALLY close.

    I will probably upgrade soon to something like the Sony nex-7. But it’s a larger and much more expensive camera. I will probably carry both. (Or let Trisha use one.)

    Thanks! We can’t wait for Costa Rica.

  11. Madlyn Creekmore

    Just wonder if we are related some way – I married into the Creekmore family. They are a wonderful bunch, very enterprising and seem to think out of the box as you have. Am enjoying your adventures and think you are on the right track as far as life is concerned. If you look up Laura McCoy on facebook you will see her and her twin sister (they are 87) occupying Tucson AZ. There’s also Jesse Creekmore who is an enterprising young man and of course me and my kids. Candis Creekmore (my daughter is a paramedic and teaches EMT’s in college). My husband Tom Creekmore won Rocket to Stardom in the 50’s with his saxophone. He died in 2003. Jesse has a Creekmore Clan facebook site. Madi

  12. Catherine

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  13. hindy petegorsky

    hi – i came across your video on youtube – which lead met to your site. Wow! your wife was such an amazing person.. so full of life. always smiling. courageous. beautiful.
    Your girls are lucky to have had such an outstanding mom – a great role model. they should have the strength and courage to follow in her footsteps and make her proud.

  14. Michelle Wright

    Hi David, Emma & Lily I came to find your travel vlog after coming across your video vlogs on YouTube, and seeing what an amazing woman Trisha was and how she was so brave and a real inspiration to others. My husband was diagnosed with incurable cancer 4 months ago and and nothing prepares you for the upheaval that occurs to the whole family when cancer comes knocking at your door, it can become overwhelming and all consuming, but then you go online and find amazing stories of courage and loving families like yours and you no longer feel so alone, am so sad that Trisha past away after such a brave fight, I really hope that you and the girls are coping and that your travels are helping, be lovely if you got to visit England best wishes Michelle

  15. deandraphilosophical

    Your a beautiful family. Bless you. I hope the world brings you even better things, for you, your children because life is good, and someday if your not already realizing that, you will. I hope there is healing.

  16. Jillian

    I watched your video today on nytimes and i cried with a smile the whole time. Your family story is amazing. Your wife was amazing. And your capacity to take it all in and exhale speaks volumes. I wish you and your daughters a lifetime of travels and happiness. Xo

  17. Alrxandra

    Your family’s story is extraordinarily moving, inspiring, and beautiful. I wish for all to celebrate life in this way, and hope that somehow your wife is at peace and can be with you all in spirit. What a tribute you all are paying her.

  18. Julio


    Greetings from Costa Rica. As the terrified brother whose 23-year old sister was recently diagnosed with a stage 4 Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma cancer, your story has brought me to tears, and internal reflection. I also have a great admiration towards you and your lovely girls. I admire your strength, unity and love; and pray God blesses your lovely family. Stay firm and unwavering in loving your daughters. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  19. Colby Lasyone

    David, just stumbled across your blog as my partner, Alex, and I plan a trip to the Yucatan this July. Thanks for all of the great details.

    Love your story and your cause.

    Colby Lasyone
    Houston, TX

  20. Seung Soo Lee

    I found your blog while I searched for the information regarding Snail Camper in Iceland. I was a little bit curious why you were three without mom in Iceland. And today I read your story. It was touching. I love travel with my family and I’m on the same page with you in terms of my eager to show my child the world and spend more time with my family. I hope that you and your family keep doing your adventure.

  21. Jessica

    Just luck I ran across your article on FB. I’m guessing you’re a distant cousin, with Creekmore being the name of my great-grandmother. What a lovely letter to your wife; I lost my daughter to sepsis 2-1/2 years ago. It’s good to see you moving forward with your family. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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